Monday, June 04, 2012

The South of France, Hotel Du Cap, one of my Favorite Hotels in the World

You've traveled to the South of France, and it's worth it.

The lobby of the Hotel Du Cap Eden Rock in Antibes, France inspires a a heavenly glow

Palm trees on the grounds of the Hotel Du Cap in Antibes, the South of France.

Below: The back of the lobby leads out onto the Grand Walkway, toward the restaurant, onto the vast grounds where I met director Lars von Trien. At both lunch and dinner that day, he dined at the table next to me with his friends, including the stunning Nicole Kidman, star of his films.

Since the Cannes Film Festival was underway, celebrities were attending screenings and dining in spots like this for its lack of paparazzi and the fantastic views. Robert De Niro, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Weinstein, Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez can be seen in the private pool area.
The Cannes Film Festival is held every May.

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SoberCityGirl said...

This is where I'm hoping to be this spring. Hurrah. So happy to read this.